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This Giving Tuesday, and through the end of 2020, The NBIA Disorders Association invites you to help those affected by NBIA to...

Smile Wider, and Laugh Longer


Some of the best smiles and laughs in the world come from babies, kids, and adults with NBIA.

And this year, especially, we could all stand to experience more joyous faces and silly giggles.

Our NBIA loved ones face numerous challenges and difficulties every day. Their lives are filled with complex medical needs, therapies, and treatments, and their prognoses are devastating.


Yet they still gift us with the most enchanting smiles and magical laughs. They teach us what it's like to live every day full of love, determination, and a beautiful uniqueness.

Help us further our efforts to support families, accelerate research, and find a cure for NBIA, so that these individuals can continue shining bright in this world. 

This Giving Tuesday, give so the world can have Wider Smiles and Longer Laughs.

*We've raised our goal! $35,000 by December 31st. 

Make an impact.

Update: We have hit our minimum to meet our gift match, and received the $8,000 matching donation. Thank you!



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What is NBIA?

Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation is a group of rare, genetic neurological disorders characterized by abnormal accumulation of iron in the brain and a progressive movement disorder. Some affected individuals eventually lose the ability to walk, talk or chew food and become totally dependent on others for all their needs. They also may suffer from severe dystonia, seizures, global delays and eye disease, as well as Parkinsonism, dementia, and sometimes brain cell atrophy. At this time there is no cure for NBIA.

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